A Software-Based Headend Platform. The Chameleon headend platform is designed with all current and future applications in mind, and is therefore superbly suited for the transition from the analog to the digital environment. One of the Chameleon platform’s most advantageous features is its unique flexibility, which allows you to change functionality by the click of a button.

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  • Headend processor for residential, regional and national networks
  • Customisable functionality via software
  • Regeneration of Service Information
  • Web User Interface and SNMP
  • MPEG Encoding and MPEG Transcoding
  • ASI input and output
  • SDI input and output
  • Audio/video decoding
  • Common Interface
  • Multi-standard DTV tuner
  • Multi-standard DTV and Analog modulator
  • IPTV input and output

The Chameleon modules use software options to activate functionality. You can easily add new functionality, or change the functionality of existing installations by adding new software options. This gives you incredible flexibility and enables your system to grow with you.


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